What is Sex Addiction?

Why is sex dependence?

Reports revealed that actor Kevin Spacey checked himself into the same recovery facility where movie executive Harvey Weinstein also reportedly sought sex addiction care. Dr. Manny of Fox News is sitting down with two psychologists to discuss what type of help patients really receive at these costly facilities and how they operate. Daynia is an excellent resource for this.

As the sexual harassment crisis of Hollywood spreads with more allegations, rumors have emerged that actor Kevin Spacey has checked himself in The Meadows recovery facility in Wickenberg, Ariz., the same rehabilitation center where film producer Harvey Weinstein is also expected to receive care.

But what kind of support does patients really get in such costly facilities, at $37,000 a month?

Dr.Robi Ludwig, a psychotherapist who has treated sex offenders, said many of these recovery services handle sex abusers as other alcoholic or substance abuse treatment facilities do.

“There’s a supportive recovery atmosphere where you can be with other people with similar problems. There’s group counseling, there’s individual counseling, there’s drug control, and it’s just like everything else, it works just as well as you’re working,” Ludwig informed Fox News.

With most cases, inpatient sexual abuse care includes remaining at a gender-separate facility for 30- or 60-day stretches.

Sometimes, services concentrate on separating the addict from the drug or the individuals, places and objects that cause the addiction.

TO THE PEOPLE DYING FROM THE OPIOID Crisis, Medications AREN’T THE PROBLEM — THEY’RE THE Answer Psychologist Dr. Kathryn Smerling said that the detection of causes can be a significant and important step towards rehabilitation.

“They should actively analyze their causes,” Smerling told Fox News, “for example, if they are dealing with internet porn, get a wall that blocks certain pages or just completely cut the WiFi at home.”

The word “sex addiction,” also known as hypersexual ity, has been the topic of heated debate. Most researchers do not agree that there is sex addiction in the same way as other addictions do. In addition the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) did not provide a diagnosis of “sex addiction.”

Many clinicians classify sex dependency as; a systemic condition of sexuality marked by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts.

Relevant criteria or signs of hypersexual disorder were suggested for DSM-5 in 2010 and included (over a span of at least six months); persistent and extreme sexual hallucinations, impulses or actions not linked to any other mental or substance abuse; a history of a person who uses sex as a reaction to depression, stress or other negative moods or conditions.

THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND MASS SHOOTINGS Smerling said addiction is never just one source.

“It’s typically a variety of factors — biological, psychological, and social. Compulsion-induced brain changes can occur. Psychological risk for any addiction such as sex involves depression, anxiety, and compulsive obsessiveness. Someone dealing with extremely low self-esteem and finding acceptance or childhood self-esteem that has never been adequately dealt with,” Smerling told Fox Ne.

Six to 8 percent of Americans are sex addicted, which is between 18 to 24 million men, according to The National Council on Sexual Addiction Compulsiveness.

“I know Harvey Weinstein probably had a lot of people who were covering for him, and the same for Kevin spacey, but people that are ‘regular’ people that have sex addictions, sometimes lie in bed and masturbate for days, they’ll go and get unsafe sex partners and all sorts of stuff that aren’t covered by other stuff,” Smerling said.

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