Roofing System Types

Roofing is a part of any building, whether residential or commercial. A roofing system is basically the topmost covering of a structure, which includes all materials, construction materials, structures needed to support it, and all other building parts that are needed to support a building structure and provide protection from weather, wind, sun, extreme temperatures, and rain. Burggraf Roofing, Tulsa is an excellent resource for this. A roofing system can be one or multiple layers. Roofs for residential or commercial use are typically installed one layer at a time with the roofing systems being connected and sealed after the first layer is installed.

Roofing for residential purposes consists of two primary layers: an asphalt shingle, and a metal roof. Both of these layers should be properly maintained and protected from the elements. They also need to be checked for moisture levels, especially if they are in direct contact with the ground. During heavy rains, the rainwater seeps into the asphalt and causes the layers to swell. It becomes very difficult to seal these layers properly, so they begin to weaken. The second layer of your residential roofing system should have a watertight roof, in order to avoid this problem.

Commercial roofing system has different requirements than residential roofing system, so the contractors involved need to make sure that their work complies with the rules and regulations of their area. There are different types of roofing systems for commercial use. There are roofs made of either concrete or steel, depending on the type of material used. There are also metal roofing systems, which are very reliable and durable. Some of these commercial roofing systems can also be installed on residential roofs.

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