Proper Home Ventilation to Improve Air Quality at Home and Avoid Health Risks

Home ventilation is crucial in maintaining the high quality of the air at home. Nowadays, there are so many pollutants that are dangerous to us all, including carbon monoxide, mold and radon, that one can’t be too careful every day to avoid such pollution. There are many sources of indoor emissions, including household furniture pressed wood products, various air sprays and fresheners, wet carpets, and various pesticides. Visit us on A-1 Certified Environmental Services, LLC.

Some of the best ways to determine if different pollutants have entered the home are either by experiencing sudden physical symptoms such as headaches, sudden dizziness, or by noticing different signs in the home. Particularly important on windows and interior walls is the strong condensation which points to improper ventilation. Of course perhaps the easiest way to notice this is by feeling the stuffy air at home and smelling odors that are strange and out of place. All of these will raise a red flag in your mind about having a potential problem with indoor pollution.

Another way to check for incorrect air quality is via the radon check. This particular check is very cheap and it tells you if there is any radon (a radioactive gas) in the building. Sometimes a very low radon level is no health problem, so the test will tell you if the levels are OK or too high, and can cause health hazards.

Cigarette smoking has been banned in most western countries in all public places these days, and with good reason. Tobacco smoke is pretty dangerous to us all, and is a serious cancer. If you have someone in your home who is smoking, now is the time to do something about it. Follow the government ‘s lead and ban the smoking indoors. Maybe your kids just thank you a few years down the road for this.

The bathroom is an area which can be particularly dangerous to health if not properly ventilated. After taking showers and hot baths, mold and unhealthy steam can easily occur and not only damage your health (the mold is also considered a carcinogen) but also tend to destroy your wooden doors, cabinets and walls in the long run. Statistics show that bathrooms with no proper ventilation at all times need to be remodeled much faster than those with good air flow.

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