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If you’re one of those new traders looking to get some forex trader experience, then I’ve got to tell you something really interesting. Stop using markers. Each new trader should know about this, because virtually all of them fall into the same trap. I know it’s extremely tempting to fill your map with every single predictor known to man, because you’re brand new to all of this. But that is not how a chart looks at successful traders. Get More Information about us.

I am confident to say this because I made the same mistake when I started out on the forex market first. I was a full-blown junkie. I wouldn’t matter what kind of predictor I found, I would use it at the beginning stages of my trading career. I’ve also used the same “stock” metrics as stochastics and moving averages as everybody else uses. I can’t believe in hindsight how ridiculous I treated forex trading.

Yet fortunately I actually saw the error of my ways for myself. It became really obvious that I spent most of my early trading years learning about indicators, rather than learning about the actual forex market (pretty stupid, huh?). The unfortunate thing is that, right now, most new traders are doing that.

When it comes to trading this generation must avoid searching for the shortcut. We got lazy and spoiled for our own good. Only think critically about this. Would you really think that most of Wall Street’s successful traders really do give a hoot about what Stochastics are doing before they pull the trigger on a trade? I do doubt it strongly.

If you are a new trader looking for forex trader guidance, I have a valuable lesson to tell you I wish someone had taught me when I first started. The lesson isn’t about falling in love with your metrics. I know …. I know … when you start, they look very enticing, but trust me in the long run, you ‘re doing a huge disservice for yourself.

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