Need To know Water Damage

Damage to water certainly has the ability to cause mildew and mould growth. Since mould thrives in humid and warm environments, any place that is wet (and especially humid) is the perfect place to grow mould. Have a look at The CleanUP Guys.

How should I plan for potential storm water intrusion?

Preparing the property before the harm happens is the best way to prevent water from being a big issue. One thing you should know for sure is how to turn off the power in your home in case of flooding. Water and energy combine to be lethal.

How can I help speed up home and property repair after a storm?

Documenting the damage caused to your property and relaying the details to you restore specialist will make a faster repair possible. Inspect your home outdoors for harm. Check the roof structure and log any shingles that might be missing or need repair. Also notice whether it damages or hits your chimney or the flashing around it and report any damage to your gutters. Check the siding for bent or loose boards in your house. Note signs of water penetration through the windows and doors in your house, and don’t forget to check your basement access points.

How can I quickly take out standing water?

Sweeping it outside is the first step towards eliminating standing water from inside your house. Any water left standing on carpeted areas can be collected easily with a wet-vac. Removing standing water is vital to saving the carpeting of your house, and could save you money.

In the event of a flood, hurricane or other water-related disaster, different steps are taken to drain water from your house. Next, they drain the water from the ground. If the water is removed a process of dehumidification can begin to dry the wet areas. Then, the water will evaporate and, eventually, the air will be checked to make sure all water and moisture is removed from the property and will not cause any further problems.

Other water damage repair methods include wet carpet replacement, odour reduction, fabric repair, mould remediation, and restore of dry wall and wood flooring.