Home Improvement Marketing

Home improvement companies big and small realize that it’s not straightforward to get your message heard by poor homeowners. Contractors for home improvement are everywhere and each fighting for focus. Open every specified value pack mailer or local coupon publishing, and you’ll see home improvement advertising page after page. The list goes on and on, from lawn maintenance, landscapers, floor, pool & patio builders to roofing, siding and walls, furniture, kitchen, sun room and cellar remodelers.

So how do you get the message heard, as a contractor? What is the brand working, what is not and what are we not positive about? The solutions are somewhat based on your local market and strategy, but here I provide some sure things that can be done irrespective of your competition or budget, and some suggestions to make the most of all your efforts.

What Works If I say’ What Works,’ I’m thinking about products I’ve used to sell my clients directly that I wouldn’t hesitate to hire for any home improvement company. These are strategies which have proved to be worth the commitment time and time again. For home improvement strategy, there are very few’ sure things’ but I will rely on those strategies every time. If you’re looking for more tips, Zajac Home Improvement has it for you.

Website-Now more than ever, the website is the excellent marketing tool that continues to show solid investment gain (ROI). Your website-if done correctly-can produce lead after lead day after day, night after night. I’ve seen home improvement firms performing ZERO cold-calling while canvassing, and still generate millions of dollars in revenue, partially because of their expenditure in a well-functioning, highly optimized platform. Nonetheless, the secret is the’ all finished’ part. Frankly, there is a platform that any jackleg contractor can get-perhaps even an enticing one.

Pay-per-click (Google) Ads— your platform is as well-optimized as it might be — can’t reach the top ranking for all the key words and phrases you need to attract the audience. In many instances today’s searchers use broad terms such as’ lawn service’ to figure out what they need. And at last search, the word ‘ lawn service’ has produced 9,400,000 results on Google. If you’re part of one of the big franchises you’ve got a chance to be noticed. But if you’re the lawn care provider to Joe, fagettaboutit. In that wide quest, the only chance is to have your site pop up in the Sponsored Listings, or pay-per-click. It takes a little bit of know-how to set up Google pay-per-click ads, but it’s certainly available to anyone.

Signage-Contractors are far more on the streets and in neighbourhoods than at any workplace. Day after day they’re out and about, all over their covered area. Outfit those cars-whether pick-up buses, step vans or large vehicles-with beautifully done signage, and you’ve got a walking billboard for yourself. Forget about the discreet vinyl lettering or magnetic tag-spend a little more on a cheerful cover (no need to bundle the whole lot-doors, back window, and/or tailgate will do) and you’ll certainly get heard. Make sure to put a yard sign at each installation, in addition to car signs.

Rating-based organisations— organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List allow their participants and/or the general public to evaluate their employees interactions. And while many companies, expecting bad ratings, shy away from these organisations, my experience with these programs has been good. That is if you are a respectable contractor, of course. If you’re a good contractor that has built up a business focused on referrals and professional workmanship, such services can speak for itself. And when you get the ranking you are A+, use it. Post it on the website and in ads and it can also act as interactive guide.

Social Media Advertising-While the jury is still out on just how to measure the potential return on your investment in social media marketing, I wouldn’t hesitate to set aside a limited amount of time and marketing budget for social media marketing. Why? For what? Well for one, this is about as weak as you can get. It has the viral capacity and there are also good testimonial / referral advantages. It also tells the world that you’re on top of things-you’re innovative and exceptional in your profession as a dictator.

PR-It’s worthwhile settling into a regular routine of doing press releases about anything you can think of that could catch the attention of the local press. New updates that contain good details will catch the attention of the local media after a while. You could even become their go-to people for details on home improvement. Invest a little time in bringing together a press-kit with the biographies of your members, a one-sheet about your business, and any posts, manuals, or material that you need to do once a year.

Sales Support-One aspect of home improvement marketing that is often ignored is sales support, but when done right, it can produce an impressive profit. Companies are hiring a man, giving him a business card, sending him along the way and expecting great returns. Your sales team is the consumer face of your company and you probably spend time agonizing about who to recruit.

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