Guidelines about Speeding Tickets

Maintaining the correct speed limit may sound like an easy enough feat but putting it into practise isn’t really that easy. The daily life chaos is putting pressure on us to stay on the go, and other South Florida drivers are virtually swirling around us that motivates us to try to keep up with traffic. Therefore, it is absolutely unsurprising that more than 75,300 speeding tickets were issued last year in Palm Beach County. That’s just the speeding tickets and not the more than half a million other traffic tickets issued here. Only six per cent of all these speeding tickets were either dismissed or the driver found not here more info on this.

We all know that the reputation of Florida State troops is rather no-nonsense, so another unsurprising fact is that nearly 40% of those speeding tickets doled out in Palm Beach County were issued by the Florida Highway Patrol, although the Palm Beach Sheriff’s office was a close second. These facts simply reaffirm what I have always said-the issuance of speeding tickets or traffic citations in general is a multi-million-dollar enterprise that our local law enforcement agencies are thriving upon. Of course, with speeding tickets being the number one reason for issuing traffic citations, it’s easy to see why law enforcement and lawmakers are counting on those funds to pad their budgets. The old adage of “You ‘re fine at nine, you ‘re mine at ten,” is no longer a benchmark driver should use when calculating what speed, they think they can get away with.

I think the average driver often doesn’t even notice posted speed limits, and more often than not, they just ignore them when they see them. Unless you’ve recently got a traffic ticket, are a new driver, or you’re unfamiliar with an area, just going along and trying to keep up with the traffic becomes quite easy. Trying to keep one eye on the road and one on the speedometer can be challenging and using cruise control is entirely impractical unless you are travelling on a highway for an extended period of time.

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