Everything Related to GMP Labeling

When a customer looks at a packaged product, the label is what speaks to the customer at the first instance. GMP Labeling-Quality Control the Label is an excellent resource for this. Product labels need to be able to make an indelible first impression on your customer. After all, today a product has to jostle for space with several other competing products in a competitive market. The shape, colors, graphics, text and texture certainly play an important role in defining the character and brand identity of your product. Without a label, every product would look the same and the whole concept of branding would be defeated.

Right from food products to consumer electronics to industrial products to cosmetics to clothing, no product would be complete with an appropriate label. At this point, it is important to note that the label should make use of high quality adhesives that do not affect the product packaging, but bond securely to the surface. This is vital to ensure that the product labels don’t come off the package, even during the transportation or warehousing stage.

In this article, we shall discuss some important pointers to consider before placing a final order for labels. If you are a printer or label broker, these points would certainly add value to your dealings with customers.

-A label is a legal requirement, so it is important that it mentions all the details such as date of manufacture, date of expiry (if any), the ingredients or contents, batch number, place of manufacture etc.

-While it is important that the label adheres to the surface in a secure manner, it is equally important to ensure that it can be peeled off, if required, without leaving a trace. This really is the mark of high quality adhesives.

-Another important aspect is the print quality. The ink should not run or smudge if it comes in contact with moisture. This is especially true in the case of products that are likely to be placed in the refrigerator. Condensation leads to droplets of water forming on the label when the product is removed from the fridge.

-Labels that are meant for industrial products such as engines or gearboxes should be sturdy enough to endure heat, oils and constant vibrations. It is important to discuss these special requirements with your label manufacturer.

-Each product requires a special label material. There are different materials for product labels such as vinyl, polyester, static clings, foil etc. In addition, there are different finishes such as matte, glossy, high gloss, laminated or UV varnished.

-Then again, based on specific requirements of your customers, you would probably need to order roll labels or fan labels. Other important aspects such as bar codes can also be added on to your product labels.

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